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If you've had your vehicle or asset repossessed

Your lender has taken the decision to terminate your loan agreement and repossess your vehicle. Following repossession by Anglia UK your vehicle will most likely be taken to auction for sale. The proceeds from the sale of your vehicle will go to your lender.

What happens to any personal possessions?

You will have been asked to remove your personal possessions if you were present at the time of repossession. If you were not present, your possessions will be removed at the auction site for collection.

Personal possessions which are removed from vehicles by us will be documented and you will be contacted by letter regarding the return thereof. All personal possessions are held in secure storage at Anglia UK for a period of 90 days awaiting instructions from you. After 90 days possessions will be donated to charity with receipts provided for complete transparency.

You can contact Anglia UK any way you choose

By telephone 01775 713322
By e-mail
By letter Anglia UK Ltd, PO Box 1051, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE11 9BP
By fax 01775 713311