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If you've received a telephone call and/or letter from Anglia UK

Typically this is the first stage of the debt collection process. It means that we have been appointed as the approved debt collection agency by the organisation you originally took out your loan out with.

We will only be contacting you if you have missed one or more of your regular loan payments. Most times we will try to reconnect you with your lender or agree a debt repayment plan that is suitable for both you and your lender.

If you do not respond to our calls and/or letters and continue to miss loan payments your lender will most likely ask us to either:

  • Write to you to request a suitable date/time for one of our field agents to come and discuss your debt with you
  • Repossess your car/vehicle
  • Pass your case back to your lender for them to pursue legal action to recover their debt


You can contact Anglia UK any way you choose

By telephone 01775 713322
By e-mail
By letter Anglia UK Ltd, PO Box 1051, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE11 9BP
By fax 01775 713311